About Us

SundarSTEM is a fully residential boarding school for boys, focused on mathematics and science from Class 9 to A-Levels CIE/GCE. The students are selected through intensive testing in mathematics and IQ. The school is located about 31km from Lahore off Multan Road at Sundar and the campus is spread over an area of eight acres.

High performing Year 8 students are invited from across the whole country to participate in specially designed mathematics and IQ tests. Based on the results of these tests, as well as interviews with the children and their parents, exceptionally talented students showing the best potential as well as the hunger to excel, are admitted to the school.

Admissions are need-blind and once a student is selected, scholarship is given based on income of the family. It should be emphasized here that the financial position of a family has no bearing whatsoever on the selection of the child into the school or the quality of education the child receives at the school.

While the main purpose of SundarSTEM is to prepare students who we hope will develop into world-class scientists, engineers, researchers and scholars in STEM-related fields, it is our belief that a rigorous grounding in humanities is essential for any individual to develop intellectually. Thus teaching of English is used not only to raise the language skills of the students but also to engage them more broadly and open up for them a vast body of world literature and thought.

Teaching of mathematics is focused on preparing the students for selection and participation in International Math Olympiad (IMO). Consequently, the Maths curriculum is built around IMO. Computer Science is another subject of serious study at SundarSTEM and the school actively engages the students towards participation in the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI).

The first Class 9 batch was admitted in March 2021 and this group will complete O-Levels in May 2024. The second batch joined the school in March 2022 as a summer camp and begins its first semester of Class 9 in September 2022

Board Members

Mr. Jamal Nasir

Mr. Muzaffar Piracha

Mr. Ali Naseer

Mr. Fawad Rana

Mr. Shehryar Buksh

Mrs. Rukhsana Jamal

Mr. Sohail Qadir

Mr. Haroon Rasheed


Mrs. Rukhsana Jamal

Mr. Sohail Qadir

Mr. Haroon Rashid

Mrs. Nighat Imran